New Holland Artisan Spirits – Beer Barrel Bourbon

I recently decided it was time to get familiar with the Manhattan, a legendary drink utilizing whiskey, rye, or bourbon. I picked up a bottle of Beer Barrel Bourbon from New Holland Brewing in Holland, Michigan.

The bourbon is aged for a length of time before it spends its last few months inside a “second use” barrel of Dragon’s Milk Stout (which is a stout aged in bourbon barrels). The barrel’s life cycle of bourbon to stout and back to bourbon imparts an interestingly smoky, malty sweetness to the finished product.

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Kentucky Waffle House

This drink is inspired by the song “Never Had a Waffle at the Waffle House” by The Urban Pioneers (Texas, USA!), and the story of how singer/songwriter Jared McGovern has had pretty much everything on the menu at The Waffle House, except their namesake waffles. Apparently, he just flat out doesn’t like waffles! To make The Kentucky Waffle House gently layer the ingredients in the order … Continue reading Kentucky Waffle House